Saturday, August 11, 2012

A little bit about me!

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to create a blog about my journey to becoming healthier and fit.
This is my story..

My name is Pam and recently turned 25. I am married to an amazing man and have an amazing 2 year old little girl named Sophie.

I was always thinner (not fat), but never healthy. After having my daughter, my weight went through the roof. Sophie was a 25 week preemie born at 1lbs 6oz. After birth, Sophie was in the hospital for over 3 moths. As you can imagine, these were the worse months in my life. To keep me busy, food became my best friend. After 102 days in the hospital Sophie came home at 4lbs. I on the other hand had 30lbs. Today Sophie is a healthy, full of life little girl.

I wish I could say that the pounds were off as easy as they came one, but if you've ever struggled with weight loss you know it's  not that easy. I tried everything, and by everything, I mean EVERYTHING! From crash diets, nutritionists, to crazy workouts. Some worked, others not so much, but considering how drastic they were as soon as I was off a regiment the weight came back.
After many attempts, I came across Insanity. I was so tempted to get it, but didn't know if I would stick it out. I put it on hold for a while and moved on with my life.
I started eating healthier, making better decisions and was able to lose 10 pounds. I started to get confident and went back to the Insanity idea.

Out  of  impulse, I made the purchase. One week later it was on my doorstep. I have to admit, I was pretty nervous. (LOL)

On that Monday, I started. after the fit test alone I thought I was going to die... but I didn't.
For the next three days I was so sore I could barely move, but I still pressed play. After week one I had lost 4lbs and it was enough for me to continue.

Today I am on day 13 of my first round of Insanity. I decided to create this blog now because I want my thoughts and feeling to be fresh when I write them down and not a memory.

Keep reading to see how my story ends! I now know that being healthy is a lifestyle.

I look to forward to inspire you as much as I have been inspired to get my butt in gear and achieve a healthier me.

Leave your questions or comments and I will get to them all.
Thanks for reading and I look forward to seeing you here again.

This is a recent picture of my family on my Birthday

Follow this link if you are interested in learning more about Insanity!

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